What is a crossover dribble and how to do it effectively

crossover dribble by Stephen curry

What is a crossover in basketball (the definition)

A crossover is a dribbling move. Which is performed by an offensive player when he/she moves the ball from one side of their body to the other with a single dribble. It is the primary tool used by the point guard while travelling up the court under defensive pressure. However, it is also a great way to free oneself up for a scoring opportunity. It can be used to get to the basket and to create space between you and your defender, the crossover dribble will assist to set up your jump shot. The crossover move’s intent is to fake the defensive player into thinking the offensive player is going to drive in one direction, then when the defensive player commits, the offensive player drives in the opposition direction.


Different types of crossovers

There are many ways to do a crossover dribble. Every time someone do it in a unique way, it is given the name of that player, like “player’s name”-crossover and some times they are named according to the movement.

Below are the names of the most popular and effective crossovers.

  1. IVERSON crossover by “Allen Iverson
  2. TIM HARDAWAY crossover by “Tim Hardaway”
  3. JAMAL crossover by “Jamal Crawford
  4. TONY PARKER crossover by “Tony Parker”
  5. BOUNCE crossover

How to do crossovers effectively

The video below will explain you, how to do the above mentioned variations effectively and how you can add these into your game.



Top 100 crossovers in the history of NBA

If you want some entertainment or you want to see NBA players do the moves, watch the video below.



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