Jamal Crawford and his famous Crossover

Jamal Crawford

NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award winner Jamal Crawford has embarrassed defenders throughout his 14-year career. Using one of the most notorious moves in the game, his killer crossover has brought a multitude of All-Stars to their knees. Jamal Crawford Crossover/Jamal Crossover is the best crossover in basketball, when we are talking about the NBA crossovers and ankle breakers.

Jamal crawford while performing between & Behind or Jamal Crossover


In this article, first I will break it down in steps in written form and then you will be able to see the video by Coach Rocky and then Jamal Crawford breaking it down, himself.


So I am going to break down his most famous move. The move for which he is really known for and that is Between & Behind. Take the ball is in your right hand and dribble it to your left hand between your legs. You have to act like you are moving towards the left side and then dribble the ball back to the right side behind your back. In this way, your defender will think that you are moving to the left and will try to bite you in most cases but in case he/she doesn’t move or doesn’t react, you will have to add a counter to this move to save the ball. A crossover will be better option as a counter.


Jamal crossover explained


Jamal Crossover break down by Jamal Crawford Himself

Jamal Crawford and his famous Crossover
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Jamal Crawford and his famous Crossover
Learn about Jamal Crawford and how to do his famous crossover that a lot of the players use.
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