About Allen Iverson and how to break ankles with Iverson Corssover

What is Iverson crossover

Iverson crossover is a great and effective crossover move by Allen Iverson.  Allen Iverson used this move many times in games to get passed by defenders or to create space for a jump shot. This move is proven to be effective. It is now the essential move that every player must should add in his/her game. Allen used this move even against Micheal Jordan and he passed by MJ and made a successful jump shot from the key. This clip is added in the second video embedded on this post.

Who is Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was a professional NBA basketball player who started his career in 1996 and ended in 2011. Allen Iverson is known for his ankle breaking crossover which is known as Iverson Crossover. He played 14 seasons in the NBA at both positions, shooting guard and the point guard.

How to do Iverson Crossover to get passed by defenders

Before performing this move in front of a defender, it is better to check  the defender if he reacts or not. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. (Assuming that the ball is in your right hand) Dribble the ball between your legs to the left side.
  2. Spread your left leg and hand a little bit and do a crossover dribble in front of you, keeping the ball near your body to the right side.

If the defender reacts to this move and moves to the left side, while you where spreading your left leg and hand, it means you can get passed by him. Then you will spread you leg and hand wider and then crossover. In case your defender don’t reacts while you spread your arm and leg, you can simply beat him by going to the left side.

It is a bit difficult to explain and understand moves through written content. So you can also watch the video below to understand it clearly.


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